Our Time (Hamsa Music)

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Our Time is a lovely recording from an artist who shows immense talent as

both a composer and musician. Though primarily piano-based, the album is

successfully enhanced by subtle and ethereal synthesizer accompaniment.

Yet, it is by the intrinsic prettiness of the melodies that we are seduced.


Chapelle shines through his compositions. They are professional and

commercially accessible with a breadth of diversity that ensures that one's

interest is sustained throughout the generous 14 tracks. Not all pieces,

however, lift themselves above being merely competent, but many do so to

satisfying, and occasionally, startling effect. The title track, "Our Time"

is evidence of the talent that Chapelle has at his fingertips. It is

immediately likable with excellent arrangements and a melody that lingers

with you.


The ambience of Our Time is a gentle one with a preference given to a

relaxed and warm style. Titles such as "Reverence", "Rejoice", "Trust" and

Rainbow Bridge" express the intentions of the artist. Within this context,

Chapelle succeeds in giving us a gentle opportunity to unwind with our

fantasies and spiritual ideals...


Jasper from Australia.

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