Review in Massage Magazine

issue May/June 1999


Our Time by Eric Chapelle

Hamsa Music

Ausitn, Texas


$14.99/CD 66 mins.


If this CD were a theatrical play, the main character would be the piano, and the main plot would be romantic, light , friendly and reassuring. The piano interacts and commnunicates with the accompanying strings, and their warm, soft, synthesized sounds swell and float aroung the piano. It is as if the sounds are partners in a dance. Flutes and oboe dialogue gently with soft piano melodies, creating a safe, comfortable world in which to relax.

The compositions are flowing and invitingly calm.The first eight selections of Our Time are similar in that the beautiful piano melodies exchange ideas freely with the rich, sweet, textured harmonic foundation underneath. With the ninth track, "Unconditional Love," the music takes a subtle turn. Because the piano is missing, it is as if the music transcends the physical world toward more sublime, divine sounds. A very heavenly feeling is created by gentle wind and reed insturments as they mingle with the virtual string ensemble in this hymn-like slowanthem.

The final cut, "Child's Play," is a slow lullaby with a familiar child-like melody, which has the effect of returning the listener back to the physical world again.


-M. Jeffrey Schmidt is a composer, performer and music teacher. Schmidt recieves massage regularly, and combines his music degree with his experience and belief in massage therapy toward writing music reviews. He lives in Spokane, Washington.


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