The review by Sandra Marshall for the Jan/Feb 1999 NAPRA ReVIEW magazine.


OUR TIME by Eric Chapelle. Hamsa Music, 512/302-1231, Soundtrack creator Chapelle presents fourteen original

keyboard compositions on his own (new) label. A mild romanticism reigns,

with Eric's piano, soundtrack, and classical experiences all manifested through a

variety of expressive styles. "Rainbow Bridge," a simple piano piece, is

delightful. The title cut embodies the powerful espirit of an orchestral scene.

Later we climb luxuriant heights , reminiscent of Rimsky-Korsakov's

overwhelming richness, in "Unconditional Love." Another gem, "Enchanted

Rock," captures the essence of being awestruck by a natural view. Many

composers attempt such tributes to natural sights; few succeed so well.

Memories and wonders, smoothly expressed, makes Our Time, Chapelle, and

Hamsa worth following. -SM


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