Review in the March/April 1999 issue of New Age Retailer


Our Time is an extraodinary debut by a hugely talented artist, released on his on label. Every person I've played this album for has commented on its ravishing beauty. A wonderful composer as well as musician, Eric Chapelle brings a sense of wide-eyed wonder to his music.

Our Time is primarily a piano album, though only four of the tracks are solo piano. The balance feature varying degrees of lushly arranged synthesizers, making for a romamtic neo-classical sound. While the music is always fully accessible, Chapelle has avoided composing fluff. Instead, he composed and plays songs that linger long in the heart, providing a strong sense of peace that is just right for relaxing at the end of the day.

Each song on Our Time is a carefully crafted jewel. Favorites include "Enchanted Rock," with golden clouds of ambient synthesizers floating the listener into a magical dream. "Unconditional Love" soars with synthesized strings and flute, powerfully evoking the sweetest kind of love there is.

The cover of Our Time is a colorful shot of a beach at sunset. Playing this fabulous music in your store will lift the spirits of everyone who hears it, with many customers sure to want to bring the magic home.

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