New Age Voice magazine Jan. 2000 issue review

of "Our Time" by Carl McColman.


  Here's a recording of lyrical piano and electronic keyboards, evoking a world of longing and inner peace. Eric Chapelle's playing has a lush, resonant sound, with a soft floing quality that creates a dream-like aura. Solo piano pieces like "Rainbow Bridge" and Reverence" embodies a sense of quiet joy, while "Enchanted Rock" creates an atmosphere of spacious wonder. Hamsa's music carries an almost mystical sense of presence, but what truly makes this a beautiful collection is how even a simple composition inspired by something like fly fishing, in Chapelle's hands, becomes a hymn to something eternal. But then there's the whimsicality of "Walking on the Moon" and "Child's Play" to keep things from getting too serious. All in all, a lovely recording.Carl McColman

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