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Production and News:

January 11, 2014: Performing at the Frontera Fest at Hyde Park Theater in Austin, Texas on January 16, 2014 on keyboard playing my compositions with Sumi Komo, the choreographer and her dancers. I've been working on various compositions in the last few months including a string orchestra piece called Twilight in Phases.

May 30, 2013: Recorded on May 23, 2013 in the music studio on a Yamaha grand piano. Great start. Going back tomorrow May 31, 2013 for another recording session in the studio. Working on a solo piano album. One composition is called "In Motion." Also working with Sumi Komo, the choreographer for another dance performance at her dance studio on June 7th and June 9th. Writing a composition for cello and piano called "Mariposa" fo a solo dance she's going to do, and I just did a first draft for both cello and piano from a composition I wrote last week on the piano. In the key C of course. Simple as can be too but very impressionable.


May 12, 2013: New recording on SoundCloud of "Van Ness No. 47."

April 21, 2013: Getting two compositions performed today at Texas State University Music Recital Hall in the Mysterium Concert series. An art song called "Intérieur" a poem by Paul Valéry for soprano and piano, and an experimental composition that includes a recorded bus ride that I recorded in San Francisco in November 2012 called "Van Ness No. 47." Also getting ready to start a solo piano album. I've found a studio with a Yamaha grand, will start recording in May.

July 22, 2012: Quite busy at the moment. Working on a orchestral piece in a colloboration. Following a story line to work with. In the last two days I've been diving into this project. Nothing like being inspired!

March 9, 2012: Finished another art song "Intérieur." I was in the studio recently recording some new material. The piano is a Kawai concert grand. It had four microphones insided the piano! This is going towards the next album, which I'm leaning towards a solo piano album. Starting to work on my string orchestra now.

January 1 ,2012: Happy New Year! I finished my second art song for soprano and piano in French "Le Bois Amical" on a poem by Paul Valéry for soprano and piano and will send it around. I worked on that composition for several months. Also working on completing my Cello suite for ten cellos.

Update: September 21, 2011: My collaboration with the fantastic poet, Corinne Lee on her epic poem "Sheaves of Glass" is finally online at the Drunken Boat's site. I recorded her voice in my studio and added music on some of the sections. There's more section of this poem that will be added in the future as well. I'm very excited about working with Corinne. This poem is a masterpiece and will be published by Penguim Books in the near future.

Update: June 12, 2011: I'm proud to announce that I have an new album in the works! I've been composing away, but the concept for the album came to me this morning! It's been very exciting for me to finally get an idea what my next album will be. I have a title for it, but I will not share it until later. Again, having a concept for an album is huge in completing it! I will say that I'm using samples sounds that I recorded in the field with my digital recorder and incorporating those sounds into the composition. More later.

Update: April 28, 2011: Performed my world premier composition for soprano and piano on a poem by Paul Valery at Texas State University with soprano Julie Brown. Video clip of "Les Pas" on youtube.

Update: August 12, 2010: New CD album Across the Water was released on April 8, 2010. I got lots of new reviews of the album. One new music video Tide Pool done from the album. Starting to work on another music video for future release. Stay tuned.

Update: February 19, 2010: New CD album Across the Water currently being manufactured by CDMaker. The artwork has been finished. Release date is now March 1, 2010.

Update: December 15, 2009: Happy Holidays! New CD album Across the Water in the artwork stage.

Wow! I finished the mastering session at Tera Nova Digital Audio, Inc., this week! I'm working on the artwork right now. Stay tuned for more development!

Update: August 16, 2009: Happy Summer! New CD album on the way!!!

Wow! It's a hot summer here in Austin. Great News! New album on the way! I'm in the process of finishing my new studio/office at home, and I've started the process of selecting songs for the next album. I know it's long over due, and I've reached a junction where I can do it now. More later...

Update: July 24, 2008: Happy Summer!

I went to Italy for two weeks in May 2008, and had a blast driving around all over the place. We stayed in Sicily for a week. What a place! I shot five hours of video while there. Lots of footage for more music videos. The picture on the home page was taken in Sicily. I also went to Santa Fe, New Mexico in June 2008 and shot footage for a music video while there. I just finished another short music video about a field in East Austin shot in January. I'm waiting for the music. I wrote a piece for solo cello for that video. Stay tune for more developments.

Update: January 10, 2008: Happy New Year to all!

This is going to be an exciting year. Lots of ideas in the works. I'm concentrating more on music videos. See recent music video done on this site. More in the works, and a future web site for music videos in the works.

Update: November 7, 2007:

Just uploaded my newest song "In Zone 3" on this site and on One song at a time! I guess I'm working towards more commercial electronica sutff, but that's where I am right now. More to come down the pipeline. I tend to write more in the Fall anyway. Cheers to all and Peace and Love as well.

Update: September 20, 2007"

Just uploaded my newest song Straight Ahead on this site and on I had a great Summer! My trip to France went will and I got all the shots needed to finish the documentary film. I will start editing that soon. Lately, I have been working in my studio. It's nice to be back in the studio writing music!

Update: June 20, 2007:

Just finished another music video "Mountain Mood. See home page for links on my server and on YouTube. I'm leaving for France to work on my documentary film, and shoot more scenes for more music videos. Stay tuned. I will respond to email while there.

Update: January 13, 2007

I finally done my first music video called "Within the Movements". You can download a 12mg Quicktime file at and clikc on hear it on your browser or you can download it. Also, you can stream it at instead. I'm working on my next one real soon. It will be about clouds and mountains that I recently shot in California in December of 2006. Also working on a documentary film in France. Happy New Year to all. In the flow. Eric.

Update: December 3, 2006.

I did a soundtrack for the documentary film "Profesion Cinero" by Hugo Gamarra, which had a world premiere in Paraquay on Nov. 24. 2006. Also, I did a soundtrack for the documentary film "Outside In The Transformation Vison of JERRY UELSMANN" directed by Daniel Reeves, which had a premiere in Oct. 2006. Currently working on my first music video. Lots of stuff happening. This is an exciting time for me. Will try to keep more updates. In the flow. Eric

Update: January, 2005. I just finished a soundtrack to a documentary film "Texas the State of Water Finding the Balance" directed by Lee Smith,that will be aired on PBS on February 3, 2005. Walter Cronkite is narrating. Lots of work and fun doing this project. Also provided music on another documetary film "Burning Judas" directed by Curtis Craven

Update: July, 2004. I was on Norton Island off the Coast of Maine for two weeks with other artists and writers through the Eastern Frontier Society. I's a creative retreat. I lived in a cabin surrounded by trees. I explored the island with walks, and loved all the flora and fauna in the forest, on the shoreline, along the large rocks. It was an inspiration. There was an upright piano in the cabin. I played a lot and wrote new pieces reflecting the island's atmosphere.Will eventually get some of the pieces for download.

Update:March 3, 2004. Collaborated with Paul Harford providing music to a Dance performance in San Antonio. See insert above for more details.

Update:Sept to December, 2002. I was in Europe visiting France, Spain, and Portugal. I took the train to Portugal. Lisbon reminded me of San Francisco, hilly, trolleys, fine restaurant, great book stores, and fine music.

Update: September 11, 2002. The Heart-Aid Project a 9/11 Benefit Piano Collection is officicially released by the label Spring Hill Music. It got a Piano-Heaven Award . Excerpts from the text at the Piano-Heaven web site.

This is a special CD. Just prior to the awful September 11th. attacks in America, California based piano teacher and chief reviewer of the excellent Mainly Piano website, sent out an e-mail inviting her piano friends to complete the following: "Music is....". One of the recipients was US based pianist Eric Chapelle- composer of, amongst other CDs, "Our Time". The following week, Chapelle watched the terrible events unfold on television and, like millions of others around the world, was deeply affected by what he was witnessing. About a week later, he returned to the e-mail from Kathy Parsons, and an idea was planted inside his head. Initially, Chapelle intended to compose music himself that could then be sold, with the proceeds going to help the families of those deceased. However, he came to realise that other pianists might be thinking along similar lines. He replied to Kathy Parsons, suggesting that the idea of a "Tribute CD" was sent out to her original contacts. The response was incredible, with compositions flooding in. Eric Chapelle quickly concluded that a compilation CD was the way forward, and the Heart-Aid Project was initiated. The rest, as they say, is history. Spring Hill Music deserve credit for releasing this CD- with all profits going to help the families of those affected by the disaster. You can purchase the CD at Spring Hill Music. List of artist on the CD

1. Robin Spielberg - Wherever You Go
2. Spencer Brewer - Walls That Move
3. Janie Campbell - Journey
4. John Boswell - I’ll Carry You Through
5. Evan Gould - First Embrace
6. Michael Hoppé - Grace
7. Ira Stein - Silent Prayer
8. Ray Lynch - Ivory
9. Zola Van - Shooting Stars on Trillium Trails
10. Eric Chapelle - Shadow to Light
11. Suzanne Ciani - Turning
12. Dan Chadburn - Silence Once Served
13. Craig Casey - The Heart’s Reach
14. Jeff Bjorck - Porch Swing Summer Night
15. Ken Pederson - The Dance Left Behind
16. Karen FitzGerald - Lullaby
17. Julie Rivers - When the Sun Goes Down

click on image to purchase CD at Spring Hill Music


Update: October 1, 2001. After sending email, the idea came up with the HeartAidProject to do this album. Eventually, I got Spring Hill Music to get on board and distribute the album.

Update: September 19, 2001. I had this idea to produce an album with various other composers and donate the proceeds to the victim's family that fell on 9/11.

Update: September 11, 2001. What a crazy day that was for humanity. It's awful to think that humanity can show itself like that. To think that we can create that kind of destuction is beyond me to comprehend.

Update: March 9, 2001. Working on the next CD. Stay tune for more details. At the same time, I completed an orchestral score for ballet "Penelope's Dreams." I have a CD demo for serious inquiries.

Update: May 22, 2000. Performed the song " Our Time" with a new arrangement for the University of Texas English Dept. Commencement Ceremony held on May 19th in the Gregory Gym. The biggest audience to date, about 1500 people. My new keyboard, the Roland RD600, shone inside this vast open space. The reverb was incredible. Making progress towards finishing the next CD. There will be some surprises.

Update:January 9, 2000. Just returned back from a trip to India. Received a review in the Jan. 2000 issue of the New Age Voice magazine by Carl McColman. Working on my next CD which will be released this year. Tracks from the CD "Our Time" can be heard on Direct TV and other cable networks that have Music Choice's "atmosphere" channel.

Update:October 13, 1999. Concert went well. Introduced new compositions including "Change of Seasons."

Update: October 6, 1999: I am performing on October 9th, 1999 at the Whole Life Expo in Austin, Texas , Palmer Auditorium at 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. The songbook "Piano Collection" has finally been finished with three of my songs, "Our Time", "Reverence", and "Piano Song." For more info from the publisher, see the link at Solo PianoPublicationsAlmost finished with my string quartet. I also have a film agent in Los Angeles. If you need a score for your next film, contact me. More reviews of the CD "Our Time" on the way. Yes, I am working on my next CD.

Update: Feb. 21, 1999: "Our Time", "Reverence", and "Piano Song" selected to be in a songbook with other composers Evan Gould, Loren Gold, and Partrick Lee Herbert in a collection series. Will keep posted on that development. Progress on string quartet and next CD. Already selected the songs and working on track 1. Will have a cello part and possibly tabla.

Update: Jan. 10, 1999: Pictures of concert at the bio link. NAPRA Review out. Music on Delta Airlines, Thai Air Ways on the March/ April music channel. Working on getting two tunes in a song book compilation in the works. Stay tune. Working on next CD, also a string quartet that I have been writing for the last four years and to be performed sometime this Spring. CD now available at New Leaf.

Update: Nov. 12, 1998: The benefit concert on Nov. 8th at the Sri Atmanada Memorial School went well. Sweetish Hill Bakery provided brunch. The Kawai grand piano was exceptionally wonderful to play on inside the gorgeous room of the Perry mansion located on the school premise. A video was done of the concert. Stay tune for more info on that.

The performance on KUT, 90.5 FM, Austin, TX on Thursday, Nov 5th, brought in new listeners to the Sunday concert. They have a Steinway grand piano in the studio it was a delight to play on. Patty Henderson, the school director, joined to talk about the school. John Aielli read the review on the air, I am grateful for John to let me get on his show, Eklektikos, a wonderful program that has been a treasure in Austin, Texas.

Starting on my next CD. It will be a solo piano effort with cello on some tracks. Stay tune on more development.

Update: October 23, 1998: Just received noticed that the CD "Our Time" is now available to order through Backroads Music. Call 1-800 767-4748 or visit their web site at Backroads Music.This is a very recent development, it may not be updated on the web site yet.

Update: October 7, 1998: The first public performance of selections from the new CD " Our Time" will be held in Austin, Texas, on Nov 8th at 12:00 noon inside the old Perry Mansion complex. A Piano Recital by Eric Chapelle, playing on a acoustic grand piano, and a Sunday Brunch benefiting the Sri Atmananda Memorial School. This event is cosponsored by Sweetish Hill Bakery. The concert is part of the "Special Events Series." Sponsored by the school. Tickets for the event are $10 for single and $15 for couples. Call 512-371-7065 for more information.


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